Anti-Wimp: Store clerk kills recent parolee who shot at him

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According to the Houston Chronicle: “The 56-year-old man walked into the Super Qwik Food Store in the 8000 block of Fulton around 10 p.m., according to Houston Police Department detective Sgt. Joshua Horn. The clerk was helping other customers in line when the man tried to pass a fake $20 bill, but the clerk refused to accept it, police said.

“The man then pulled a gun and shot at the clerk but missed, Horn said. He then walked around the counter and tried to get into the clerk’s kiosk.

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“As he rounded the corner, the clerk pulled a gun and returned fire, striking the man several times. He collapsed in the store and was later pronounced dead at a nearby hospital, Horn said.

“From what surveillance shows, (the clerk is) very fortunate to be alive right now,” Horn said. “The bullet that the would-be robber fired at him was only a few inches away from him.”

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