Anti-Wimp: Elderly victim tied-up, son comes home and opens fire on home invaders

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According to the Houston Police Department, a home invasion robbery led to a deadly shootout at an apartment complex Sunday morning.

An elderly woman was awakened by her dogs barking at 5 a.m. and was startled to see a man standing next to her bed. The man jumped on her and zip-tied her and then let two other accomplices, both males, into the home where they all began ransacking the residence to find jewelry.

Police say the three suspects climbed a ladder behind the apartment complex and broke in through a balcony door.

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The terrified elderly woman’s son returned home and engaged in what was called a “wild shootout” in the hallway. He was shot twice but landed fatal gunfire on one of the three home invaders.

The son is in stable condition in hospital. There is some thought that the two living suspects may live in the same apartment complex but they did flee the scene in a vehicle and may have had a getaway driver.

The elderly victim told police she was Cuban and believed, due to their dialect, the robbers were Cuban as well.

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