Texas agencies ordered to cut spending 5%, why can’t locals seem to manage this?

Pratt on Texas - copyright Pratt on Texas all rights reservedIt was good to see pro-active leadership from Texas’ “big three” this week as Governor Abbott, Lt. Governor Patrick and Speaker Bonnen ordered state agencies to reduce current budget spending by 5% and have their plans so to do on the guv’s desk by 15 June.

Governor Perry was very good at doing this during down turns in his many years as governor and the current crew is acting properly too. Funny how they can do this statewide but so many local mayors, commissioners and city councils pretend they can never trim spending, even by an easy five percent.

Many of these folk, like Lubbock mayor, had no problem trimming your business income and spending by 100% and yet when citizens stand up at meetings and suggest they do a little cutting, they whine that everything they are doing, with our money I remind, is critical and can’t be trimmed.

Another thing I was glad to see was this in the Hearst papers: “Texas lawmakers are questioning the hastily-awarded, multi-million dollar contract that put a little-known company in charge of the state’s effort to track down people who may be infected with the coronavirus.”

“Legislators from both parties say they were caught off guard by the contract award and questioned whether it was an appropriate use of federal dollars,” the story reported.

Frankly the decision to go crazy big on contact tracing for the Wuhan virus seems ridiculous given what the “science” now tells us about it. Looks to me like its being used as another excuse to spend money.



  1. Honestly, Robert, this seems a lot more nefarious than simply spending extra money. It seems like massive surveillance to me. Freedom loving people that are unlucky enough to catch the wu flu will now be unlikely to get tested because when they do, they will be tracked from then on. I don’t like it. Not even a little bit.

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