Surrendering to the stampeding crowd on the virus is not responsible

Pratt on Texas - copyright Pratt on Texas all rights reserved“Ignorance is bliss,” is a proverb that exists for a reason. It means if you do not know about something, you do not worry about it and such is on full display with the Wuhan Virus case with an interesting twist.

Listener Joseph wrote: “Well Robert, between this and your other article I shared from you, I am catching hell from all over the U.S. People I have known for decades and grew up with claim “my head is in the sand”. And so, I am now considered a crazy conspiracy nut for thinking the panic is absurd.”

I have no idea what Joseph may have said to people that falls in the “conspiracy nut” basket but I do know that in what I have written and said, there is nothing that relates to oddball conspiracy or putting one’s head in the sand about the virus, getting it, or the seriousness thereof to some people.

I predicted that if you asked questions and were rationally skeptical of things presented by authority, you’d find many around you would turn on you as a troublemaker or worse.

Doing so relieves us of the burden of taking many decisions, it is why so many want to follow and not lead in life…

What we are seeing is massive numbers of people choosing to surrender to panic and finding their blissful ignorance in only wanting to hear things about the virus in a way that reinforces their fear and, more importantly, allows them to escape the rigor and self-responsibility of rational analysis and thought. Doing so relieves us of the burden of taking many decisions, it is why so many want to follow and not lead in life, and sadly such allows those who seek illegitimate power an easier path to gaining such.

Plus, applying rational thought often leads to not following the more popular way which is, frankly, dreadful to the weak of character.


  1. Tyler Tatum says

    Thank you for your commentary. Everyone cites these corona virus stats from these fear mongering news cites like they are scripture and forget the past. I’m tired of everyone becoming and expert and telling everyone else to surrender to the fear.

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