Don’t let the panic excuse bad action by elected officials

Pratt on Texas - copyright Pratt on Texas all rights reservedThere is no question that many of the rational in this audience have been amused, shocked, and possibly deeply concerned about the actions of our fellow citizens taken in panic. No doubt you’ve made comments and jokes about it such as: If you really need 120 rolls of toilet paper in case of a 14-day home quarantine then, you should already be under direct medical care and it is amazing you are not already dead from dehydration and malnourishment.

The misconceptions about what is going on with the new coronavirus strain are abundant and shockingly bad. Take for example this serious post, at, from someone in the Clapp Park neighborhood in Lubbock: “No Water? Went to Walmart for water and all the shelves are empty. They said they had a truckload of water this morning. I may have to start boiling water for drinking.”

…we should not let panic cause us to take our eye off the legitimacy and prudence of the actions of local elected officials.

There was no boil-water-notice in-place; this person clearly believes that our municipal water supply is not safe to drink. Where did this come from? It’s about as odd as the toilet paper hoarding for a virus that is upper-respiratory as opposed gastro-intestinal. With all the information available, why do so many misconceptions exist?

While we watch power hungry officials at various levels and places, use The Great Virus Panic to suppress rights such as the right to assemble and ban the sale of guns like the mayor of Champaign, Illinois did Friday, and embellish their power by closing restaurants and further destroying the economy, we should not let panic cause us to take our eye off the legitimacy and prudence of the actions of local elected officials.

My years of experience has proven to me that many of them, despite lofty titles or paychecks, aren’t much brighter than the woman who thinks we need to boil city water because of the virus panic.


  1. Joe laughlin says

    It’s scary watching these grand geniuses slobber n blab about their sudden ability to rescue us! Just give them piles of tax cash, ignore due process, laws, anything to do with true freedom, n there good to go! Yikes, freedom, laws, constitution, get outta the way, let’s launch into the unknown headfirst, don’t let this great crisis go to waste!

  2. People are panic-buying toilet paper worldwide because they are afraid that the Socialist tyrants who exercise authority over them will see the Wuhan Coronavirus epidemic as an excuse to ration the sale of toilet paper in order to save trees in their pursuit of the Global Warming Hoax. Americans rightfully fear the Democrat tyrants who speak of limiting the access of the American people to toilet paper, guns, and ammunition.

    • Pratt on Texas says

      You impart far too much knowledge to the people on the street. I’ve spoken with several who were buying and they have almost zero political or social knowledge. They simply “heard” or saw on TV that we won’t have anymore toilet paper because of the virus – same with water. For the most part it is the action of the ignorant and emotional.

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