Young radical voters: When the worm turns in voting.

Pratt on TexasCrazy-haired Communist Bernie “Sanders carried about 40 percent of the Latino vote in Texas, according to exit polls, and more than 60 percent of the youth vote. But voters under 30 were just 15 percent of those who turned out in the Democratic primary in Texas, according to those same polls,” reported a story in the Houston Chronicle.

The focus of the piece was well summarized in the headline: “In Super Tuesday ‘heat check,’ Texas progressives got warmer.” However that headline was contradicted in the far-Left Texas Signal which read: “Election Night was tough for left-wing Democrats in Texas.”

So Democrats who actually admit they are far-Left didn’t win as much as those who still pretend not to be far-Left in the Texas primary but “got warmer.” However, it is that bit about voter age turnout that remains a problem for the overt revolutionary socialists that make up a sizeable chunk of today’s Democratic Party.

It is easy when one is young to buy into parts, or all, of the socialist promise. You have less life experience which obscures the absurdity of the economic and political claims and promises made by progressives and, you don’t have very much in terms of assets or income because you are just starting to build your marketable skills and experience so, you don’t feel you have much to lose.

The other side of younger voters social and economic situation is that they are not well rooted in civic participation and thus don’t normally vote in big numbers. Then, as they grow in income, asset value, experience, and especially tax burden, they tend to shed a good bit of their radical ideas and think more in terms of how policy will affect them and their young families.

That is when the worm turns in voting.

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