Wishful thinking: Romney’s vote helps Dems challenging Cornyn

Pratt on Texas - copyright Pratt on Texas all rights reservedIn politics I’m rarely surprised at the lengths people will go to see what they want to see and hear only what they wish, often stretching things to silliness.

For example, after teeth-licking, stretch Pelosi tore up the copy of the President Trump’s State of the Union speech, many were declaring she had broken the law relating to the destruction of government documents. I pointed out on my Facebook page: “It is extremely unlikely that what was given her was the official submission from the Executive Branch required by law. We all have 1st Amendment [protected] speech & expression, even Pelosi.”

We don’t like Pelosi so we stretch her childish tantrum into she broke the law. That’s sort of like Democrats saying they don’t like Trump’s sometimes rough manner and taunting and thus declaring him mentally incompetent to hold office. It’s a stretch born of wishful thinking.

Here is a Texas post-impeachment stretch born of wishful thinking: “How Romney may have galvanized Cornyn’s Senate rivals.” That was the headline of a column by the Austin American-Statesman’s often-in-need-of-an-editor Jonathan Tilove.

Tilove calls turncoat Romney’s Senate speech justifying his petty vengeance toward Trump “eloquent” expectedly, for the press, heaping praise on Romney for setting aside integrity to vote to remove the president from office.

Tilove seems to believe that Romney’s petulant vote somehow aids the Democrats running to challenge Senator Cornyn in their attacks on the Texas Senator. It is a silly idea born of wishful thinking that clearly ignores the electoral make-up of Texas. But then again Tilove was brought in from outside Texas by the Statesman to cover Texas politics. He’s clearly still not up to speed on the matter.

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