Anti-Wimp: Killeen man recounts home invasion

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Fox 44 reports: Vividly, the 20-year-Army veteran remembers the morning when a young man broke into his home suspecting no one was there.

He says it started with a loud knock at the door.

“He was knocking and ringing excessively as if he lived here and got locked out. That irked me a little bit so I looked and when I looked through the peep hole, he began to talk,” he said.

The homeowner says he saw the young man through his peep hole.

He says he was checking to see if he would get a response.  And when he didn’t he says  he walked around to the back door and banged on it as well.

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The resident then realized what was happening and he quickly went into defense-mode to protect himself.

“I went to my little drawer, pulled out the gun. I only had seconds, ten seconds or less to position myself and as soon as I was positioned, I pulled the hammer back and the door blew open,” the man recalled.

He describes the quiet moment just before chaos erupted.

“Like the calm before the storm or the eye of the hurricane. It lasted about 2 or 3 seconds as if he were casing the joint before he walked. The minute I saw him walk in, I opened fire and all hell broke loose,” he said.

The homeowner says he fired at the young man several times and he ran off in an attempt to escape.

“I had like three or four shots left. I let him go and right before he jumped up or over the fence I think I hit him because when he went over, I heard him grunt,” he remembered.

The veteran says he doesn’t like that his home was broken into but out of all of his neighbors, he says he had the least to lose. … Read more here.

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