“Crazy Uncles” expose themselves in busing students to vote issue

Pratt on TexasMost find it frustrating to discuss politics or serious issues with the proverbial “crazy uncle” because those encounters are often not based in intellectual or rational discuses but upon shallowness and emotion.

Being in the broadcast business it is a good thing when people are talking about you and in most cases I ignore the silliness and appreciate the value protestations bring in publicity – no media property wins without people aware of its existence.

In the case of Scurry County and its rollback election, there are dozens if not hundreds of “crazy uncles” who are pleased with their arguments likely because they are blinded by emotionalism or, many of them are simply not very smart.

The superficial argument these “crazy uncles” are making is that I am a “fake Republican” because I object to a public school district expending taxpayer funds to take students to vote. To them taking students to vote is a wonderful pro-civic experience.

Pardon my glee in answering back but doing so succinctly is like fishing with dynamite, it’s too easy.

Government using tax dollars to deliver students to the polls is government promoting the voting turnout of a specific set of voters, a voting demographic, over others not assisted.

That, my dear “crazy uncles” of Scurry County is inherently discriminatory as much as if tax dollars were used to bus local labor union members to the polls while not doing so for stay-at-home single-moms, farmers, or some other demographic. It is inherently discriminatory and thus very bad and objectionable public policy.


  1. A lot of those ” Crazy Uncles” have been elected. Time to clean house.

  2. Tracy dickerhoff says

    State law says you can do it if it’s educational. As all the students weren’t eligible to vote, they got to see the process, the ones who were got to see their civil right in action. So it was a civics lesson so perfectly legal.

    • Pratt on Texas says

      Thank you for actually putting forth a reasoned statement or argument (maybe the first on this issue.) What is legal is not necessarily good policy and my argument that in doing such, government is favoring one set of voters over other voters.

  3. It’s the same as the local senior citizens center suggesting to the old folks to vote for Democrats because they would keep the center open

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