Anti-Wimp: Robbers Shot in Fireworks Stand Hold-Up

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Covering Katy News reported: “Three men attempted to rob a Highway 6 Fireworks stand at about 8:30 p.m. Christmas Eve. Two suspects were shot, one died at the scene. One suspect was transported to the hospital in serious condition and a third man was quickly arrested by the Harris County Sheriff’s Office.

“The manager was trying to protect himself and the other employees that were at the shop, and also protect his property,” said Sheriff Ed Gonzalez who was at the scene following the shooting.

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The man who was shot was not identified but Gonzalez said he is a black male who is about 20 to 25 years old. The manager and his employees were not hurt. It’s not believed that the robbers were able to steal any merchandise or cash.

The manager is not likely to be charged according to Gonzalez, but as is customary in fatal self-defense shooting cases, a Harris County Grand Jury will likely make the final determination on whether the manager should face charges.

The facts appear to be on the manager’s side. Two of the men entered the fireworks stand from a side door. The manager was attempting to leave when a third robber entered the stand according to Gonzalez. That’s when the manager opened fire, shooting two of the three men.

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