Anti-Wimp: 3 home invaders killed by resident armed with shotgun

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KHOU reports: “Early reports from the Harris County Sheriff’s Office indicated multiple men wearing dark clothing attempted to break into the [Channelview] home. One resident inside the home hid while another grabbed a shotgun and exchanged gunfire with the alleged home invaders.

“At least three suspects were shot, and all three died at the scene.

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“The resident who opened fire was also shot and taken to the hospital in unknown condition. He was said to be in surgery at last check, the sheriff said.

“All of the suspects killed appear to be in their early twenties, the sheriff said. Their identities have not been released.

FOX 26 Houston reported: “The mother of one of the 19-year-old roommates says her son and his longtime friend just moved into the house a few months ago. She says she has no idea who would target them or why. Investigators are looking into that same thing.”

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