It is largely media creating “darkness” in our “democracy”

Pratt on TexasIf the pretentious slogan of the Washington Post, “Democracy Dies in Darkness,” has any real meaning it lies in the idea that in a representative republic the sovereign, the Citizen, needs to be well informed in order to properly exercise that sovereignty through voting.

But how does that work if members of the press and press organizations, specifically protected in our Constitution, generally side with one interest or another purposefully providing a generally one-sided account of political happenings when partisan interests are at stake?

“Although Trump hasn’t been impeached or tried, voters are drawing some conclusions. To the question, “Based on what you know, do you think that Donald Trump has taken actions while president that justify his removal from office before the end of his term?” 43% of registered Texas voters say yes and 44% say no,” reports the Texas Tribune from its latest poll.

Not only has Trump not yet been impeached by a simple House majority, much less tried and convicted by the Senate, there has been no credible evidence presented that the President has engaged in anything approaching what the framers meant by “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

There are plenty of folk who disagree with the opinions, policies, and manner of President Trump. However none of that disagreement or objection, no matter how appropriate, justifiable, or emotionally and deeply held, means Mr. Trump has done anything worthy of removal from office.

So how do you get as many people favoring impeachment as opposing it?

You have a media, Washington Post included, that is engineering a “darkness” of a type by withholding coverage favorable to Trump while repetitiously promoting innuendo and hearsay that suggests little but negative of him.

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