Abortion advocates backing several Texas Dem campaigns

Pratt on TexasGet ready for a shocker: NARAL, the kill as many babies in the womb as possible pro-abortion group, will help pink-shoes Wendy Davis in her quest to defeat conservative freshman U.S. Representative Chip Roy in Texas 21st Congressional District.

I thought the standard for being newsworthy was that when dog bites man it’s not news because it is the norm but news is when man bites dog. With that in mind I laughed when the Austin American-Statesman broke the story that the nation’s largest pro-abortion group is going to back a woman for Congress who has as her sole claim to infamy her disrupting the Texas Senate in order to keep baby-butchering clinics from having to meet the same safety standards as other surgical centers.

It seems NARAL will be spending quite a bit of money in Texas as they are also backing Democrat freshman members of Congress Colin Allred of Dallas and Lizzie Fletcher of Houston. It is nauseating and vulgar that a major political party has made the right to kill innocent babies for the convenience of the adults who created them a central pillar upon which it operates.


Switching to the Republican primary for Texas 13th Congressional District, a seat being vacated by retiring Mac Thornberry, Monique Worthy was quoted in the Wichita Falls Times Record News as having a campaign slogan of: “Make Congress Great Again.”

Worthy was also quoted as summing up the Congress this way: “You got democrats, who want to stonewall, and you got republicans, who are just sitting back like the nanny who just can’t control the kids.” That’s a good summary of the moment.

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