Uber Leftist George Soros backing Warren; campus voter registration scam

Pratt on TexasAs any Leftist does, George Soros made a self-contradictory statement last week: “I don’t take a public stance, but I do believe that she [Warren] is the most qualified to be president.” Last I checked that is taking a “public stance” and it is not surprising that the biggest single funder of Leftist anti-American politics supports Warren.

Warren’s entire campaign to-date has been one of calling for freedom restricting socialist-style programs and policies while pretending there will be no cost in either money or liberty. She speaks as the most nasty of manipulators do by hiding the costs and disadvantages of all she proposes while overstating the supposed advantages.

That multi-billionaire Soros backs Warren is a clear signal to the revolutionary Left that she shares his goal of destroying America’s freedom of the individual to replace such with an odd amalgamation of his statist eastern European roots and social immorality that marks modern western Europe.

Voter registration

Beware another big threat to voting integrity and effort to steal elections by the Left all under the false claim of protecting civil rights. It involves students in big numbers, clearly organized, attempting to register to vote using not their actual residential address but their university’s general address and then use the mass voting block to take over parts of local government.

We’ve seen this at Prairie View A&M in Texas and now there are headlines out of George Mason University in Virginia of similar. It is preposterous to claim discrimination simply because student housing may be divided into two or more districts – neighborhoods suffer the same across every city.

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