Anti-Wimp: Armed neighbor confronts would-be burglar

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According to the Wichita Falls Times Record News a man from Electra suspected of producing liquid methamphetamine is facing a criminal charge for attempting to burglarize a house in Electra.

The story by Trish Choate reported that an “armed neighbor” interrupted  those plans by confronting the alleged burglar in the alley and “…the would-be thief — who was the wheel man for the job — immediately drove off, court records showed.”

“Robert Wayne Clower, 66, has been charged with attempted burglary of a habitation, court records show,” according to the story.

Affidavits for arrest warrants gave this account:

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An Electra police officer was dispatched in reference to a burglary in progress. Upon the officer’s arrival, the interim chief of police told him that a man dressed in all black and wearing a face mask was running east away from the area.

The man, later determined to be Jacob Wesley Cook of Electra, was carrying two shot guns and a revolver as he ran toward Truman Drive. Cook dropped the guns as he jumped over a fence and ran across a field. A second officer collected the guns, and then he collected Cook, who was sweating and out of breath, in the 300 block of Truman Drive.

 At the home that had been burglarized, police interviewed a 35-year-old neighbor. He said he was sitting on his back porch when he saw a pickup pull up in the alley behind his home. The neighbor saw a masked man get out of the pickup with a duffel bag and walk up to his neighbor’s backdoor.  The neighbor went inside his home to arm himself. Then he approached the pickup and saw Clower. The neighbor was recording the encounter with his cell phone. 

Clower immediately left the area in the Silverado. The officers reviewed the neighbor’s recording and determined it was of Clower.  Later that day, the officer interviewed Cook, 18, in custody.

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