Anti-Wimp: Licensed gun owners assist in Andrews post office stabbing arrest

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NewsWest9 reported: “An Andrews woman was stabbed Tuesday evening during a dispute in the Andrews Post Office parking lot on N. Main.

“Police said two men with licensed handguns held a male suspect until police arrived.

“The suspect was identified as Cruzito Gutierrez, 21. Gutierrez was arrested and has been charged with two counts of Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon as well as Assault Against a Family Member with Previous Conviction.

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“After she was stabbed in her right side above her waistline, the woman ran across the street to Allsup’s. She was treated by Andrews EMS there and transported to Permian Regional Medical Center.”

One wonders if the LTC holders will be charged or otherwise harassed by the Post Office police as the state license to carry does not apply to federal property including a post office? This is exactly why Congress needs to end the prohibition of state licensed firearm owners from carrying on federal property.

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