Dems favor all-government authority when it comes to 2nd Amendment civil rights

Pratt on Texas - copyright Pratt on Texas all rights reservedDemocrat state Representative Gina Hinojosa of Austin said: “You can have an active warrant for your arrest for murder and legally pass a background check system in the state of Texas.”

“Hinojosa’s staff said her claim is true, since the U.S. Department of Justice adopted a new interpretation for “fugitive from justice,” meaning the classification only refers to people wanted by law enforcement who have crossed state lines. A similar statement was repeated by Democratic state lawmakers during a hearing at the state Capitol on gun legislation at the end of September,” according to a report in the Austin American-Statesman.

Last I checked, one is not guilty of anything simply because an arrest warrant has been issued and one does not lose any civil rights because the state alone makes a claim against you – that is the point of the Bill of Rights is it not?

What’s wrong with Gina Hinojosa’s claim is that you cannot pass a background check, nor is it legal to buy a firearm, if one is under an indictment for murder. In other words, once a grand jury of citizens issues a bill of indictment, one cannot purchase a firearm legally until the full cycle of legal due process is run.

It’s not that state Representative Gina Hinojosa and other Democrats don’t understand this critical distinction, it is that they reject such a distinction.

Think about it. They favor forms of red flag laws and champion other methods of depriving you of your civil right under the Second Amendment, like safe-storage laws and limits on effective ammunition, which leaves it to government officials to decide about your gun use and ownership.

The Left, as a major step toward disarming the populace, favors systems that allow government officials, agents of the state, to simply assert things about you and firearms use that allows the government to then deprive you of your rights without review by any form of jury of your peers.


  1. Wallace Freeman says

    I suspect George III made all sorts of allegations against the revolutionaries that were actively killing the government agents he sent to disarm them. Had there been Democrats in control we’d still be subjects of the crown.

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