Little money, lots of work is why NRA, TSRA are effective in Texas

Pratt on TexasThe Dallas Morning News’ Lauren McGaughy stumbled into a meaningful story last week which was headlined: “See how much the NRA has donated to Texas elected officials. The actual number might surprise you.”

The meat of the story explodes the Leftist Democrat myth that the NRA buys politicians with huge donations. Such is not true nationally nor is it true in Texas.

The NRA and the TSRA get results because of huge, authentic membership bases which engage in politics from working campaigns to communicating with elected officials on issues.

“In a gun-loving state like Texas, the National Rifle Association and its state affiliate have funneled just more than $700,000 into the campaign coffers of state elected officials since 2000, a relatively small sum in a state with virtually no contribution limits whose top leaders can easily raise millions even in non-election years,” the story reported.

“While $700,000 may sound high, it’s a drop in the bucket in Texas,…” McGaughy wrote.

Folks that’s $700,000 over nineteen years, almost two decades.

The top nine Republican state office holders of the moment brought in almost $19 million in donations just in the last reporting period this year.

Clearly NRA doesn’t buy politicians.

The NRA and TSRA are effective because their millions of members vote and communicate with lawmakers. That’s what makes us effective – I’m a Life Member of both and you should be too.

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