How, Dan Patrick, does ignoring duplicity help the Texas GOP?

Pratt on TexasEarlier this week, this headline ran in the Dallas Morning News: ‘You are destroying our party,’ Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick tells former GOP ally.

Lieutenant Governor Patrick talks about an outsider conservative advocate and watchdog destroying the Texas Republican Party for simply disclosing the hypocritical dishonesty of the Speaker of the House, Dennis Bonnen.

Bonnen publicly threatened his own House members with penalties if they campaign against another member of the legislature, including Democrats, which was in and of itself a corrupt action. He then called in a known conservative critic to a meeting and in such offered a quid pro quo if that activist would use his political action committee to go after a list of Republican state representatives in the upcoming primaries.

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick

I ask Lieutenant Governor Patrick and others:

  • How is the Republican brand improved by watchers and advocates keeping quiet about hypocrisy in action at the highest levels of the party’s elected officials?
  • How does it help the GOP in Texas, how is it loyal to the broader movement, to ignore duplicity and insider deal making specifically done to defeat other Republicans?

Put differently: How, Mr. Patrick, is the party made better by protecting rotten apples in the barrel as opposed to exposing them? How is the Texas Republican Party destroyed by outsiders doing what’s right, reporting what happened?

I find it amazing that someone who is currently joining Democrats for more gun control, because he thinks it “right,” would demonize a consistent conservative for exposing truth and claim that doing such will harm to the Republican brand more than his caving on the fundamentals of the Second Amendment.

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