Anti-Wimp: Woman shoots, kills robber armed with a baseball bat at drive-in theater

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KHOU reports: Investigators with the Harris County Sheriff’s Office say two female managers were leaving the [Showboat Drive-In in NW Harris Co. at about 2:30 a.m. today] when one of them noticed someone inside the business office. When she when to investigate, the manager was confronted by two men, one wielding a baseball bat.

The man with the baseball bat started to assault the woman, hitting her in the hand and shoulder. Deputies say that is when she pulled a gun and opened fire.

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Deputies say the man with the baseball was shot and killed while the second robber got away. A detailed description of that man was not immediately released.

Sheriff Ed Gonzalez had initially identified the two employees as part of a cleaning crew, but further investigation revealed the two women to be managers at the business.

The owner of the drive-in, which has been around for 15 years, says this is the first time someone has attempted to rob the business.

See the KHOU report here.

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