Texas political press predictable; Beto’s non-stumble; Conaway’s service

Pratt on TexasSeveral items today and first is the predictable rallying around the Austin-insiders we so often see in the Texas political press.

The story about Speaker Bonnen, Representative Burrows and Empower Texans’ Michael Quinn Sullivan has settled into one of: Where’s the proof? Meaning, since the entire story is one only of witnesses, we, the Austin press insiders who value access, have decided to assume the powerful, the speaker in this case, is telling the truth and Michael Quinn Sullivan, the outside conservative we hate, is making it up. It is another example of how the press, as part of the insider establishment, has abandoned its role envisioned in the First Amendment and easily predictable.

Beto Pancho & his bullhorn

Press reports on the B-team Democrat presidential show on CNN say that Beto Pancho O’Rourke had no “breakout moment” but his press allies characterized him as having avoided stumbles of the previous debate show.

How does one get the nomination simply by not stumbling? One must “breakout” ahead of the pack so I guess the hope of the Beto-backers, and it’s not complete fantasy, is that since all of the candidates are radical crazies maybe he can win by stumbling less than the others.

Rep. Mike Conaway of Midland

Disappointing is word that Mike Conaway of Midland plans to retire from Congress. At the time of writing this was not confirmed but Politico was reporting such. Conaway’s smarts and talent saw him move up to key leadership positions quickly in the House and West Texas will be poorer without his representation. But if Conaway is leaving, bully for him for not becoming so enamored with, and of, Washington that he can’t see himself outside of Congress – a sickness that infects many.

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