Julián Castro cements his no borders position in debate

In debate exchange with Beto O’Rourke, Castro makes clear he wants it to be legal for all people to cross our border regardless of reason.

Pratt on TexasI’ve spoken for years about the extreme radical Leftist background of Julián Castro and his Congressman brother Joaquín of San Antonio. They descend from a mother who was a founder of an entirely ethnicity-, or race-, based political party in South Texas.

As mayor of San Antonio Julián was super cozy with the big business money crowd and an advocate for tax increases and growing local government in every way possible. He and his brother are anti-American Americans – those who themselves achieve the dream of prosperity but decry the country as being racist, bigoted, and setup to prevent others from doing so.

Beto Pancho & his bullhorn

Beto O’Rourke has always been an embarrassing lightweight and the debate-show simply brought out what those of us who have listened to him already knew. “At Democratic debate, Julián Castro has a breakout night at Beto O’Rourke’s expense,” read the headline in the Statesman the morning after making it clear that even Beto Pancho supporters must admit their guy, when confronted by authentic radical policy wonks, comes across as terribly weak.

Julian Castro

Castro cemented his ultra-open borders radicalism in an exchange with O’Rourke when Beto bragged about having supported legislation that does not “criminalize those who are seeking asylum and refuge in this county” meaning those doing so but who enter illegally.

Castro hit back saying he’s not advocating “decriminalizing” illegal entry just for those seeking asylum but that he is “talking about everybody else.” Castro effectively came out for no national borders.

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