San Antonio’s continued demagoguery on Voter I.D.

Pratt on TexasSan Antonio’s 97-year-old former mayor Lila Cockrell learned what it means that all are equally subject to the law when she was not permitted to vote in the local municipal runoff election and San Antonio’s Leftist political class are hopping mad.

The Express-News reported: “The episode sparked indignation among officials in San Antonio, a Democratic stronghold where Texas’ stringent voting requirements have long been met with skepticism and legal challenges.”

“Lydia Camarillo, the president of the Southwest Voter Registration Education Project, said Cockrell’s experience underscores how the voter ID law makes it more difficult for people to vote.”

Henry Cisneros, another former mayor and Clinton-pardoned felon, said the situation was “a horrible incident.”

What is horrible is the continued demagoguery of the issue by Leftist Democrats

What is horrible is not that an elderly former San Antonio mayor wasn’t allowed to vote* because she has no proper I.D. It is her choice to forgo having a state-issued I.D. and she’s obviously not bothered voting in many elections of late as the I.D. rule is not new.

What is horrible is the continued demagoguery of the issue by Leftist Democrats such as Lydia Camarillo who, according to the story, claims the “law carries a “hidden” cost because advocates can’t quantify how many eligible voters are turned away and don’t return to vote.”

Actually it is the opposite, without the voter I.D. law we have no way to know how many illegal votes are cast which effectively disenfranchises the law abiding by canceling out their votes.

*By the way, like with almost every reported case of this great “injustice” Cockrell DID get to vote. She returned home and got her passport and then returned to vote, driven by the current Leftist mayor.

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