Peru Owes $84M to Texas Foundations, University Endowments and Pension Funds

A number of years ago, Texas foundations, university endowments and
pension funds invested in agrarian reform bonds issued by the Republic of Peru as compensation for land expropriation. Over time, Peru has failed to pay their obligated debt on these land bonds, even after their highest court stated that they should pay.

If Peru fails to make good on its debt, these hardworking citizens will lose millions of dollars in retirement savings. Universities, endowments, pensions and foundations also stand to lose millions of dollars. For additional information, please visit and

Institutional investors with a stake in the agrarian reform bonds include
Texas universities, foundations, employee retirement funds, and municipal
and worker pension funds. The total exposure for Texans is nearly $84M.

  • Texas Tech University (TTU)
  • Texas Christian University (TCU)
  • Private Foundation
  • Hospital Network
  • Fire & Police Pensions
  • LIUNA Pensions
  • Longshoreman Pension

See more here: Texas-Peru Debt (pdf)

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