Anti-Wimp: Unknown armed man stops attack on Wendy’s employees

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KLBK reports: The victim [an employee of Wendy’s in Lubbock] said the suspect approached the drive-thru window on foot and began threatening to beat her up [upset over an alleged error in an order.] The victim said she closed the drive-thru window but the suspect opened it and tried to hit her.

During the struggle the police report said the suspect pulled the victim partially out the window.

While the two employees were trying to keep the victim from being pulled through the window  by the suspects, one of the employees was hit in the face, the victim stated.

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When a police officer reviewed the security footage, the officer found a discrepancy in the story.  The video showed the suspect and victim arguing with the suspect raising her hands towards the victim. However, the victim struck the suspect first.

An unknown person who was in the drive-thru pulled out a gun and told the suspects to leave the employees alone, according to a police report.

Police observed scratches and bruises on the employees.

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