On local politics, any politics, Harry Truman had the “heat” part right

Pratt on TexasHave you noticed that having deep concern for something, caring about it deeply, is used often as a get-out-of-jail-free card either for ideological contradiction or being held to the obligation to provide evidence that one’s position is correct or will work? Such is as prevalant on the Right as it is on the Left.

We’ve long seen that bleeding heart liberals are rarely attacked for hypocrisy, like anti-capitalist Bernie Sanders making a million dollars and having multiple homes, simply because their claims of caring so much about the “little guy” seems to cancel out criticism no matter how merited.

In Abilene we see similar in the case of city government sponsorship and partial funding of a private developer’s hotel project. All contradictions are to be overlooked from those claiming not just the Republican label but also the conservative label simply because they care so much, or have such deep concern for Abilene and the issue. They are above specific criticism because they care so much.


If you take a position on anything you should be open to criticism and argument and when that criticism is specific to the issue, you should not take such as personal condemnation.

President Harry Truman had it right: “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.”

We all have concerns in life and about our communities. We are all a bit inconsistent at times. But be reminded that Truth is not served when we try to convince ourselves that our inconsistencies do not exist or, believe ourselves under attack unfairly when such are pointed out by observers.

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