Anti-Wimp: Intruder attacks San Antonio man, intruder dies

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The San Antonio Express-News reported: “A San Antonio man killed an intruder who attacked him in his garage at a North Side apartment complex early Sunday, police said.”

“The apartment resident had driven into his garage in the 12200 block of Vance Jackson at about 3:20 a.m. when the assailant entered as the garage door was closing and “pistol-whipped him,” police said. He grabbed his own gun, which was near him, and shot the intruder, who was dead when officers arrived, police said.

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“Police did not identify the intruder or the resident, who they said had a gash over one eye. The shooting occurred at The Jax, a large gated community that includes apartments and town homes, some of which have garages.

“It’s likely the man won’t be facing any charges, an officer at the scene said.”

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