Winners: 2019 Texas Independence Day flag flying contest

image: flag contestBelow are the winners in the 2019 Texas Independence Day Texas flag flying contest as selected by Pratt on Texas.

Each of the 3 winners received a Texas flag flown over the Texas Capitol on San Jacinto Day, 21 April 2019.

Great Texans, you all made it very hard on me once again. There are many photos that would have made fine winners and many more for honorable mention. Try again next year!

My biggest desire is for photos which uniquely show Texas Independence Day pride that others would notice, making them question why a Texas flag is out when and where it is not normally flying – so that they will notice the uniqueness of the day.  – Pratt

Click on each to see a larger version.

2019 Winner: Connie Brown “God Bless Texas!”

2019 Winner: Craig Harris and boys celebrate Texas Independence.

2019 Winner: Vance Burrow “Clearfork Baptist Church, Hawley, Cowboy Heritage Church, Clyde, and ladies from Hardin Simmons Univ. celebrating Texas Independence Day.

2019 Runner-Up: Marisue Potts “The Cottonwood Mott in Motley County was the site of a line camp as early as 1878. A log cabin was built here by employees of the Jingle Bob Ranch, and was the site of at least two gunfights. The current house dates from 1918.”

2019 Runner-Up: Phillip Rice

2019 Runner-Up: Danny Cary

2019 Runner-Up: Glen Estes at the Clearfork Baptist Church Texas Independence Day celebration.

2019 Runner-Up: Jerry Roberts

2019 Runner-Up: John Grace

2019 Runner-Up: Robby McCasland

2019 Runner-Up: Benny Williams

2019 Runner-Up: Dilford Cambel Carter flies the Zavala flag.

2019 Runner-Up: Kevin Powers

2019 Runner-Up: Mark Cary “Happy Texas Independence Day from part of the Cary Services team!”








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