Sad Sack Senator Seliger Wants to Kill Meaningful Property Tax Reform

Pratt on TexasThe Texas Legislative Session is off to a good start with the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, and new Speaker of the House all making meaningful property tax reform a top priority. But, that strong start hasn’t stopped self-interested one-man-bands like Senator Kel Seliger, who have disdain for taxpayers and love of bloated local government budgets, from threatening to once again ruin it all this session, for all of us.

“Senate Bill 2, the property tax plan announced during a joint press conference with Gov. Greg Abbott, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, and House Speaker Dennis Bonnen, would reform the state’s property tax system by instituting mandatory elections for tax increases above 8% for small taxing units and 2.5% for school districts and large taxing units, giving voters more control over their tax bill.

“When the Senate Committee on Property Tax met to hear public testimony on the bill last week, 100% of the opposition came from cities, taxpayer-funded lobbyists, and other government-reliant entities while everyday taxpayers unanimously supported the bill,” the Texas Scorecard reported.

image: Seliger

SD31’s Kel Seliger

Then last week Senator Kel Seliger decided to play the big-man-on-campus role he so covets and yet never deserves. He went bloviating to the Austin American-Statesman saying he would work to kill real property tax reform by opposing the 2.5% threshold so that local governments can raise your property taxes each year by an even higher amount before you get a say in such.

Seliger is an outcast and caucus of one in the senate but his opposition matters because the bill must have 19 Republicans behind it to bring it up for a vote if no Democrats support it.

Bloviating sad sack soap opera Seliger is that needed 19th Republican.

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