Lubbock County Medical Examiner: Is this the invasion of the baby body snatchers?

image: Sandstorm ScholarBy L. Scott Mann, the Sandstorm Scholar

The newly seated Lubbock County Commissioners Court faces many challenges but nothing looms larger than the questions coming out of the Lubbock County Medical Examiner Office. One might think, since the clients never complain, a medical examiner office would be the last place for controversy, but a quick Google search reveals news stories about medical examiner problems across the country.

And Canada. Canada will be significant later. So will Google.

Dr. Sridhar Natarajan

In the last decade, the biggest controversy about the medical examiner was that ours was possibly the highest paid in the country. So far as salary is concerned, he may have been. However, it is also true that during Dr. Sridhar Natarajan’s tenure there was no controversy over his work product. The district attorney and defense attorneys alike praised Natarajan for his work.

Look a little deeper, and you’ll find Dr. Natarajan was also a “Hunt for Red October”-era nuclear submarine officer before he went to medical school. After medical school he served honorably as a United States Army officer. He’s a patriot. And if none of the above impress you, he’s lived in several dozen cities in his lifetime yet he chooses to spend his retirement in Lubbock.

So, was he handsomely paid? Yes. But did we get what we paid for? Apparently. In this instance the absence of any evidence to the contrary speaks loudly.

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