Pratt on Texas legislative priorities; the first four summarized

Pratt on Texas - copyright Pratt on Texas all rights reservedThe 86th Regular Session of the Texas Legislature convenes today. Among the thousands of bills that will be filed and the hundreds that will be seriously debated, are bills which relate in some way to the following subject areas that Texans should join me in telling legislators are our highest priorities.

In order of importance, aside from a responsible budget, the first item for legislators is to ensure they take no action which diminishes individual liberties and property rights and that local governments in Texas are straightjacketed in their authority to impinge upon such also.

Next is meaningful local property tax reform in which taxing authorities are significantly limited in how much they can annually raise your taxes without approval, by ballot, of those being taxed. Property appraisal reform is important as well but second to the tax raising issue.

image: Texas House of Reps.

Texas House of Representatives

Third is public school finance reform with a focus on simplification of formulas and leveling of per-student state expenditures in order to comply with past court rulings. Additional funding is secondary to finance system reform.

Fourth is robust funding of the election integrity unit in the Office of Attorney General.

Five through seven in my list include issues related to programs such as CPRIT, work at Texas DPS, and regional and special interest issues. I’ll summarize those tomorrow.

In coming days I will elaborate upon each of these areas in my morning update commentary and I ask those of you who agree with my priorities and points to ensure your region’s state representatives and senators are aware of such by sharing the points with them as well as with their various staff members.

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