Beto O’Rourke calls police officer, witness liars

Pratt on TexasBeto Pancho O’Rourke’s long held antagonism for law enforcement was on display again this past weekend. It is not just that he wants to abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement for the nation, he now suggests that a police officer is a liar.

The issue, the nature of which O’Rourke has downplayed for years, is his DWI arrest in El Paso in which he was not just pulled over for weaving or similar but, in which he hit another vehicle and ended up across the median into oncoming traffic lanes. All are lucky that innocent people didn’t lose their lives due to Beto’s behavior as he was stinking drunk with a blood alcohol level way above the legal limit of the day.

Rep. Robert Francis O’Rourke

O’Rourke was not simply driving himself and hit someone and ended up in the opposite lanes where so many super-deadly wrecks happen, his judgment was so bad he had a woman passenger with him.

The police report at the time, dug out by Hearst newspapers, clearly shows he ended up in the opposing lanes of traffic and, more importantly and at issue, that a witness testified that Beto O’Rourke tried to leave the scene – which is a crime even if not drunk – but was stopped.

O’Rouke is now claiming that the police report is a lie.

Beto Pancho, who remember was so drunk at the time it is likely he has no reliable memory of the event and it is reasonable to think his passenger had also been drinking, though we don’t know that, says he called the passenger and she says they were only in the median, not in opposing traffic lanes, and that he did not try to flee the scene.

O’Rourke has now gone on the record calling the police and the third party witness liars, on not one but two issues, for the first time all these years…

O’Rourke has now gone on the record calling the police officer and the third party witness liars, on not one but two issues, for the first time all these years after family influence got him off the charge easily.

It is just another glimpse into his left wing liberal antagonism toward police.

UPDATE: Ninety-Six Texas County Sheriffs Endorse Ted Cruz because of Beto’s “disparaging and offensive comments against the brave men and women who comprise Texas’ law enforcement community.”  UPDATE TO THE UPDATE: Additional 57 Texas County Sheriffs Endorse Ted Cruz


  1. While I don’t doubt the police report, Beto could very easily reach many people who have been lied about on police reports. Police have the legal authority to lie on police reports. They will not be prosecuted and suffer no negative consequences for filling out a false police report or making false statements. If any non-LEO were to lie to a police man or file a false report, they would be in violation of the law and suffer the consequences, some of which are very severe. This is part of the fuel of the black lives matter movement… bad cops plant evidence, lie on reports, don’t act constitutionally, and they get off scott free, because most police departments protect their bad actors instead of hanging them high, as they should.

    I know this has started into a rant, but Beto’s claim will appeal to those who have been involved in the criminal justice system, or to those who have experienced bad cops. The best way to take that away from him, is to admit there are bad cops, and to severely prosecute and punish those bad cops along with anyone that would protect them. It would go a long way to assuaging the anger of the black lives matter crowd, but it wouldn’t do anything to cure them of their racism.

    • Pratt on Texas says

      What stands out here is that the DWI arrest has been an issue in several elections for him but only now is record wrong.

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