Anti-Wimp: 2 Dallas robbers pick wrong victim

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The Dallas Morning News reports: A person being robbed at a northwest Dallas apartment complex shot two robbers, killing one of them, police say.

Both shooting victims were found about 12:20 a.m. in the 2900 block of Clydedale Drive — one in an apartment and one in a courtyard. They were taken to area hospitals, where one died.

Witnesses told police that the shooter was being robbed by two people but managed to grab a handgun and shoot both of them.

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The person who was wounded was treated for a gunshot to the leg and booked into the Dallas County jail on two counts of aggravated robbery. Authorities did not release that person’s name or the name of the man who died.

The shooter will be released without charges, pending a grand jury’s ruling, police said.

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