Anti-Wimp: LTC holder empties gun in self defense on DART train

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Wild Bill’s Pawn Shops: Abilene & the Big Country’s official Anti-Wimp & 2nd Amendment HQ! reports: “…witnesses told police that the incident began when the man he shot was harassing two women on the train. One of them got off the train. The other switched seats with Skinner to give her more distance. DART says that’s when the man got into an argument with Skinner, then a fight and then went after him.

“The agency did not identify the victim but said he was still being treated by a Dallas hospital after being shot in the chest and legs.

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LSG Tactical Arms: Lubbock’s official Anti-Wimp & 2nd Amendment HQ!

DART spokesman Morgan Lyons said, “After talking with some of the witnesses, talking to the person who did the shooting, we decided not to file charges. However, this has been referred to the Dallas grand jury.”

“DART Police identified the man who fired his handgun as Malcolm Skinner.

“Lyons said Skinner is licensed to carry.”

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  1. I was on the train. I was afraid when I counted the gun shots. My reaction to fear was to flee. He was never arrested they escorted him to the police car. After another car arrived he was seated in the front passenger seat. I would love to give a statement to the grand jury.

    • Pratt on Texas says

      He wasn’t arrested because it was self defense. The number of shots fired is unimportant. We are taught to fire until the threat is neutralized. You can’t stop and then say, “Old chap, are you going to give up?” That’s a good way to be killed. It ain’t like the movies, people don’t blow backwards and die instantly. They keep coming, they keep fighting.

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