Reasons given to move Alamo Cenotaph preposterous; proposed site hypocritical

Pratt on TexasThe latest top reason given for moving the Alamo Cenotaph from its position of prominence in front of the Long Barrack, directly west of that northern part of the buildings at the Alamo, is that it blocks views of those places and if moved, could free up space for ceremonies and the like.

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As with most of the bull-bleep coming out of George P. Bush’s Texas General Land Office and the City of San Antonio, this is beyond preposterous. The Cenotaph is only in the line of sight if you approach the Alamo from the northwest corner – around a city street corner.

Most everyone, I’d assert over 80%, who visits the Alamo approaches from the side of the Riverwalk and the historic Menger Hotel putting the cenotaph well in the background blocking only the view of a street intersection.

The Express-News listed the pros and cons of moving the Cenotaph and in addition to the ridiculous number-one “pro” already mentioned, one of the three cons to moving the Cenotaph was this: “The Cenotaph would be marginalized in that [new, proposed] spot, near shops, café seating and a designated free-speech zone envisioned in a proposed makeover of the plaza.”

By their own words, it is clear these move the Cenotaph folk are hypocrites…

Think about this. The people who want to move it and “reimagine” the Alamo and Alamo Plaza originally justified the larger plaza project by saying that having commerce such as t-shirt shops and tourist-trap businesses visible from the grounds is insulting to the memory of Alamo.

But now those same people want to take the only thing at the Alamo which directly recognizes the fight for Texas independence, liberty, and memorializes those who gave their lives in the fight, and move it to where? “Near shops, café seating and a designated free-speech zone” where it is no doubt anti-Texas, anti-Alamo defender screeds will be spewed by Leftist freedom haters.

By their own words, it is clear these move the Cenotaph folk are hypocrites and are intent on diminishing the true meaning of Alamo by moving the focus away from the personal sacrifices made for Texas independence.

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