Anti-Wimp: Rental business employee uses firearm to stop assault

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Lubbock Police Officers were called to a U-Haul neighborhood dealership just before 11am on Saturday, following reports of a disturbance at the business.

KFYO reports: “The victim in the incident said the suspect was threatening and picked up a large rock to assault him, so he called police. According to the report, before police arrived, the victim drew a handgun and shot the suspect once in the stomach.

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“Once on scene, officers took the suspect into custody, who was bleeding and erratic, refused treatment from EMS, and claimed to be high on meth. The suspect was eventually taken to a local hospital.”

“The alleged victim in the case was initially arrested at the scene, but has since been released.”

Police report provides new details into Saturday’s shooting at U-Haul dealership in Lubbock

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