A new way to gain support for border security?

Pratt on Texas - copyright Pratt on Texas all rights reservedBreitbart Texas reported this week:  [Border Patrol] Agents assigned to the Brownsville Station made an unusual discovery while responding to an alert about an illegal border crossing on Monday. Agents responded to the call but only found a large black bag. The illegal border crossers had disappeared, according to … Border Patrol officials.

The agents approached the black bag and were likely expecting to find drugs. Instead, the agents found a male tiger cub zipped up inside the bag. It appears the smugglers gave the cub a tranquilizer.

Officials took the tiger cub to the Gladys Porter Zoo in Brownsville where officials estimated the cub’s age to be between three and four months. (A very nice zoo by the way and worth the trip if you are in the Valley.)

That’s not the end of the wildlife problems for the Border Patrol as the same story reports: “Earlier in the day, agents made another unusual discovery while attempting to launch a patrol boat and observed a large alligator on the ramp. Officials did not say if or how long the alligator delayed the launch.”

It’s good these agents get some levity on their long shifts on the border because despite what you’ve heard which often seeks to make it sound as if there is no longer an invasion of illegal aliens into the U.S., there is. Just in Texas we continue to make regular finds of vehicles and semi-trailers loaded with illegal aliens.

The human smuggling must stop but with the way young liberals and others think these days, where they are more concerned with animals than humans, maybe we would get more support for effective border security if we harped on the plight of the poor tiger cub.

What do you think?...

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