Anti-Wimp: Clerk Throws Suspect Through Store Window to Stop Armed Robbery

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Wild Bill’s Pawn Shops: Abilene & the Big Country’s official Anti-Wimp & 2nd Amendment HQ! reports: A [Lubbock] police report said Bates went into the 7-Eleven convenience store at 6101 19th Street before 6:00 p.m.  The police report said Bates wanted to buy cigarettes but did not have an ID to prove he was old enough to legally make the purchase.

The clerk refused the sale.  The police report said Bates got mad and left only to come back with a friend to purchase the cigarettes for him.  The clerk said no.

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LSG Tactical Arms: Lubbock’s official Anti-Wimp & 2nd Amendment HQ!

The police report said Bates then displayed a pistol in the waistband of his pants, and said, “I can get whatever I want,” or words to that effect.

The police report said the store clerk then came out from behind a counter and began to push Bates toward the exit.

The police report said, “Once outside [the suspect] drew the pistol from his waistband and proceeded to strike [the victim] with the pistol.”

“[The victim] picked [the suspect] up and threw him through the window of the store,” the police report said.

Read the full story here.

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