Anti-Wimp: Gripping story of a road rage case and fighting back in Burnet County

From the Austin American-Statesman:

Henderson said he, his wife and their 17-year-old son were driving back to their home south of Marble Falls on Thursday after taking the high school senior to a tour for prospective students at the Art Institute of Austin. Along the way, they passed a red Camaro stopped in the road, he said.

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After they passed the car, the Camaro raced up behind them, ramming the Hendersons’ Ford Explorer twice as Genice Henderson, who was driving, tried to speed up to avoid him, Johnny Henderson said. Both cars spun off the road, away from each other.

Henderson said he jumped out of the SUV and walked down the road toward the Camaro, believing it had been in a serious wreck. Another passing car stopped. Henderson exchanged a few words with the driver, not knowing then that he was an Austin police officer.

As the two men approached the Camaro, it peeled out from where it had gone off the road and went down to park alongside the Hendersons’ Explorer. Johnny Henderson said he and the off-duty officer were still at a distance when Henderson heard his wife yell, “He has a gun.”

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The Camaro’s driver opened the car door, Henderson said.

“He pointed the gun at our vehicle and tried to pull the trigger,” Henderson said. “He must have had the safety on, because no bullet came out. That gave my wife and son a minute to run into the bushes. As I came up, he opened fire on my wife and son.”

At that moment, Henderson said, the driver of the other car that had stopped yelled that he was an off-duty police officer and ordered the driver of the Camaro to drop his weapon.

“I believe the shooter opened fire on the officer and they exchanged gunfire at that point,” Henderson said.

But Henderson said even after the shooter had been hit — Henderson believes in the foot and chest — he continued to crawl toward where his wife and son were hiding in the bushes. Henderson, a personal trainer and former MMA fighter and boxer, said he jumped on the shooter to stop him.

“I beat the living crap out of him and took the gun and threw it near the highway,” Henderson said. “He was unconscious when I got the gun out of him.”

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