When will federal gun-runners be punished?

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Robert Pratt

“[Border Patrol] Agent [Brian] Terry was on patrol with members of his team, searching for Mexican “rip-crews” that come into the U.S. to steal drug shipments or rob illegal aliens. When his team found the rip-crew, a gun battle ensued and Brian Terry was mortally wounded…

“Two of the weapons found were eventually tied to a gun running operation that became known to the world as “Fast and Furious.” The stated goal was to put guns into the hands of criminals and track them back to Mexico to discover the distribution network. Two such firearms ended up at the scene of Terry’s murder.

“Despite congressional hearings and promises from the Obama Administration, the Terry family still does not really know what happened that night and no official was punished for the failed operation that led to Terry’s death–and potentially thousands of Mexican citizens,” reminded Breitbart Texas.

Why are we being reminded of this travesty of government irresponsibility in which our the feds knowingly let weapons flow to murderous criminals in Mexico?

Because, in an exclusive report, Breitbart Texas says U.S. “authorities working with the Mexican government secured the arrest of the final suspect in the murder of U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.”

“Breitbart Texas obtained a leaked internal memo written by the acting chief of the Border Patrol announcing the arrest of Jesus Rosario Favela Astoria. He is reported to be the final suspect in Agent Terry’s murder that occurred on December 14, 2010 in southern Arizona.”

This is good news but when will our government punish the federal bureaucrats whose utterly stupid actions put the actual weapons in the hands of the cartel killers that were used to Agent Terry?

We are still waiting.

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