Political cowards are biggest threat to Trump’s immigration enforcement reform

Pratt on TexasThe Trump administration submitted a plan on immigration policy reform to Congress on Sunday which at first glance appears to have notably positive moves on the issue.

The Washington Times, in a story headlined “Trump unveils new strict 70-point immigration enforcement plan,” reported: “The running theme of the list, though, is closing loopholes that illegal immigrants have exploited:

  • Lax asylum standards, which illegal immigrants have learned to game through saying “magic words” that earn them instant protections, would be stiffened.
  • The Unaccompanied Alien Children — or UAC — who streamed to the U.S. under President Obama would have to prove they really are without parents and are fleeing abuse, in order to access generous humanitarian protections.
  • Visitors who come legally but overstay their visas — perhaps now an even larger group of illegal immigrants than those who jump the border — would, for the first time, face a misdemeanor penalty.
  • A 2001 Supreme Court decision that has forced the release of tens of thousands of illegal immigrants, including murderers, would be curtailed.
  • The ability of federal, state and local authorities to detain illegal immigrants would be fully enshrined in law, helping settle a long-running question that’s fueled some sanctuary cities.”

More border fencing, a stronger border patrol, and larger, more effective deportation program are included too.

The problem will be getting anything meaningful through a Congress currently run by political cowards.

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