MSU rally participants contradict selves on hate speech

Pratt on TexasThe key line in the story from The Wichitan, the campus newspaper for Midwestern State in Wichita Falls was this: “[Engineering student Nick] Wolf was one of few people at the rally that was not in favor for [sic] the outlawing of hate speech.”

“I don’t think you really can define hate speech. That is the problem with trying to outlaw hate speech, because it is so subjective and vague. I guess you could say hate speech is something that offends someone,” Wolf was quoted as saying.

However, another engineering student present for the Resist Hate Rally, one Craig Dublin, said there should be legally enforced limits to speech. “Racism, for example, is not okay. Racism is the line, but also bashing another person’s religion. You can disagree with a belief, but you shouldn’t belittle others because they believe a certain way,” Dublin said.

Dublin must be ignorant of the religious movements which cut off your head for simply disagreeing with “a belief.” Or maybe so accepts moral relativism that he believes such is beyond criticism.

Funniest of all is how the MSU students, staff, and faculty engaged, through the rally calling for limits in free speech, in expressing a form of hate of those who express ideas with which they disagree.

You see, I’m highly offended by those who express the idea that I should be subject to arrest simply because I say something they choose to label as “hate speech.” Having it suggested that I should lose my liberty for an opinion I express is darn “hateful” to me.

What do you think?...

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