Texas Democrat’s comments should expose a Big Lie of the Left

Pratt on TexasThe former Bernie Sanders supporter and current member of the City of Brownsville  commission, or council, exposed last week using the so-called “n-word” to describe two black prosecutors in the local DA’s office has had his oh-so-compassionate liberal-left worldview exposed a bit more.

More recordings of youngish Democrat Cesar De Leon have surfaced which demonstrate the lie of the Left’s axioms which hold that bigotry, racism, and most other ugly attitudes are unique to whites, Christians, conservatives, and Republicans. No, Democrat officeholder Cesar De Leon makes clear what I’ve always known: Racism, bigotry and all associated with such are very much alive and well within all cultures. I’ve always known it to be so because I learned of none of it from my white, Christian, conservative parents and learned most all of it from non-whites riding a rural route school bus.

Cesar De Leon

“In a new series of recordings, De Leon now uses the Spanish word for “wetback” to refer to people from Mexico and a vulgar word for female genitals in reference to the sister of a female political rival… De Leon takes on the local school board by calling one of the female board members a “pendeja” (Spanish for imbecile) and another a “bitch”,” Breitbart Texas reports.

Sadly there is little out of the ordinary in Brownville City Commissioner De Leon’s vulgarity and apparent bigotry. Lots of people at all levels of income, education, politics, and the like say such things. I witnessed regular open and virulent anti-Mexican, anti-immigrant bigotry from Hispanics in El Paso the years I did business there.

What De Leon’s remarks, exposed by a citizen journalist, should do but will not, is demonstrate the falsehood of the fundamental idea being pushed to topple our society that racism, bigotry and thus all injustice springs from those who are iconic of Western Civilization: Anglos, Christians, Rule of Law conservatives, and similar.


  1. Bill Bradley says

    Im glad you learned everything you need to know about racism and bigotry from a bunch of rural non white CHILDREN on a bus! This is your proof of poor reason and logic to justify bigotry of the right. Im glad this imposter Cesar De Leon gave you what you needed to finally post an article that gives you something in common with racists not of the conservative flavor. Keep fighting the bad,,ehem I mean good fight! Enpower the bigots !

    • Pratt on Texas says

      At least I learned how to properly write and punctuate sentences. Bigotry is not something I engage in but you certainly are bothered by people who believe and think differently from you.

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