SB 4: A glimpse into the Left’s alternate universe

Robert Pratt photo Copyright Pratt on Texas

Robert Pratt

Not only did Obama, at the eleventh-hour create a circus by changing the rules allowing intelligence to be passed around so that it would be sure to leak in ways to hurt the incoming Trump administration, he did similar to hurt us.

John Binder at Breitbart reports that Federal data shows that “the Obama Administration flooded the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program with more than 120,000 illegal immigrants in its final three months.”

Meanwhile in Austin, a big rally featuring Austin city council members and other officials was set to be held at the Texas Capitol to show support for legal challenges planned against SB 4, the law that requires local jurisdictions to follow and not mandate the ignoring of Federal immigration law. Both the City of Austin and Travis County are gearing up, along with others, to fight the ban on Sanctuary Cities in Texas.

Only in the alternate universe of the American Left do we engage in a legal fight, in the courts, with the position that the state’s law making body doesn’t have a right to set policy that requires its subdivisions to follow the law. It would be uproariously funny except that there are court judges infected by the loony-Left as deeply as are the plaintiffs.

On another note, the Legislature has passed and sent to Governor Abbott the don’t-pass-the-trash bill which cracks down on teacher misconduct being covered up by administrators. I wonder if Austin and Texas liberals will sue over this law? Why should school administrators have to cooperate with other law enforcement agencies if sheriffs and police chiefs don’t have to in the case of immigration?

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