Legal Attack On Texas Red Light Cameras Spreads

Lawsuits multiply against Texas jurisdictions that installed red light cameras without studying possible engineering alternatives first.

A Texas judge last month invalidated red light camera tickets issued in Richardson because the city did not bother conducting the legally required traffic studies (view case). Now Russell J. Bowman, the attorney who won the Richardson case, is directing the same attack toward the cities of Diboll and Willis. Despite its loss in court, Richardson refuses to tell its private vendor to stop issuing citations.

“The city is aware of and is currently assessing its options related to the decision handed down June 27, 2016,” Victoria W. Thomas, an attorney for Richardson, said in an email. “At this time, the city has no plan to change the manner in which its photographic traffic signal enforcement system operates nor do we anticipate returning any previously paid civil penalties.”

Bowman uncovered evidence that, like Richardson, Diboll and Willis have been ignoring the Texas red light camera statute requiring cities to conduct a formal study of engineering alternatives prior to installing a red light camera.

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