Texas: Camera Company Reveals Anti-Referendum Strategy

City council in Jersey Village, Texas deploys ballot countermeasure to save automated ticketing until 2024 and beyond.

After being defeated at the ballot box seven times in Texas, red light camera companies have come up with a new strategy to rescue their programs. Instead of going to court to block the vote in Jersey City, American Traffic Solutions (ATS) convinced the city council last week to place a second measure on the ballot that would undermine Proposition One, the charter amendment submitted by the Houston suburb’s voters.

Last year, residents outraged by the automated ticketing system successfully circulated a petition calling for a referendum on photo enforcement during the May 2016 election. Proposition One, if adopted, would immediately prevent the city from collecting any camera revenue. To counter this, the city council added its own measure to the ballot, Proposition Two, which would amend the total ban on red light cameras to say that the city could continue automated ticketing until at least the year 2024 — possibly longer with five year extensions…

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