SD28: Jodey Arrington & Wendy Davis share same backer

Last week the Dallas Morning News had this gubernatorial race headline: Wendy Davis targets corporate tax breaks to get money for schools. Wendy Davis is just another Democrat tax-and-spend liberal. Let me explain.

The tax breaks she speaks of, and calls loopholes, are not tax breaks and loopholes in Texas. Such are merely things that are not yet taxed. In other words, Davis wants to expand taxes to things not currently taxed in Texas – that’s calling for increasing taxes on all Texans. To a business, a tax is just another cost of doing business just as is rent and payroll – all gets built into the prices of the products and services a business renders to you.

Frighteningly for voters in Senate District 28, lifelong government bureaucrat Jodey Arrington has touted the endorsement of that same TMA – a group which has given Wendy Davis thousands in the last year alone.

When it comes to big government Wendy Davis is leading the charge along with Leticia Van de Putte. Both favor further implementation of Obamacare in Texas with a massive, and budget-breaking, expansion of healthcare-welfare, Medicaid, to people well above poor status.

image: J. Arrington

Jodey Arrington

Sadly, the Texas Medical Association and a few liberal Republicans agree with the two Democrats at the top of the ticket in November. Frighteningly for voters in Senate District 28, lifelong government bureaucrat Jodey Arrington has touted the endorsement of that same TMA – a group which has given Wendy Davis thousands in the last year alone.

Arrington being happy to tout the endorsement of a group that is financially supporting Wendy Davis should give West Texas conservatives serious pause. I’m not voting for the lifelong political staffer who has been on the government payroll his entire adult life.

Nope, I’m voting for proven conservative small businessman Charles Perry in the SD28 race.

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  1. But wait…..Perry has taken money from them not ONCE but TWICE. So what are you trying to say?

    • Pratt on Texas says

      The lobby passes out checks to a lot of people. Perry has not touted a TMA endorsement as has Arrington in this race – how is that not unclear?

  2. Again, wether he “touted” their endorsement or not he still took their money. Where is the distinction? Perry’s voting record is not impressive and its not leadership.

    • Pratt on Texas says

      As to Charles Perry’s voting record, he actually has a record upon which we can judge him unlike Arrington, he has one of the most stellar conservative records in Austin in the past two sessions – which sure doesn’t support your idea of a sellout to the Austin insiders who generally dislike him and all conservatives. If you think Perry’s record is not impressive then you are clearly not a conservative and it makes sense that you back Arrington.

  3. Cole Roberts says

    I don’t think it is a big deal. Maybe they are just picking the winner. Since this very group gave Charles Perry money in 2010, 2012 and 2014 as well as endorsing Charles Perry in 2010 and 2012. Why was it okay for Charles Perry to accept an endorsement then but now it is bad?

    • Pratt on Texas says

      It does matter to me given that TMA is now pushing for Medicaid expansion in Texas as part of the full Obamacare program. Senators will vote on this. Maybe that’s why they switched to Arrington this time, they have a candidate they know who will vote with them on their Medicaid expansion – why else would they have switched after having backed Perry in House races?

  4. Cole Roberts says

    Because Perry isn’t going to win? Why would they back the guy that is about to lose? This is one more example of you not being able to just tout your guy and leave it at that. It is okay for Perry to take money and such until now. TMA was some bastion of conservatism prior to switching from Perry? I bet if you wanted to you could find something you disagree with TMA over while they endorsed Perry. This whole website is full of spin and word games. I will tell you why I am not voting for Perry. I think Perry is out of his depth and I want someone who knows how to navigate political waters and get something done instead of voting no all the time like on the water bill.

    • Perry voted yes on the water bill, and now Arrington is lying about it.

    • Pratt on Texas says

      Exactly what in lifelong political staffer Jodey Arrington’s background demonstrates that he can navigate the “political waters”? He’s never been the officeholder, only an employee of one.

      Charles Perry was hated by moderate/liberal House leadership and yet got on Appropriations in only his 2nd term – a huge accomplishment. He’s also a very successful small businessman while your guy is a successful gov’t payroll bureaucrat. I’m sorry if pointing such out is word games to you.

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