Fighter Group: The 352nd “Blue-Nosed Bastards” in World War II by Jay A. Stout

As described by award-winning author Jay A. Stout, the 352nd Fighter Group was one of the Eighth Air Force’s most successful fighter units and counted history’s two top-scoring P-51 aces among its ranks. This book–the most comprehensive work ever to cover the actions of a single USAAF fighter unit–details the air actions of not only the group’s notable aces, but also the rank-and-file fliers who carried the bulk of the load. It describes the 352nd’s activities from its formation at the close of 1942, its movement to England and its combat operations flying P-47s and P-51s against the Third Reich…

Jay A. Stout breaks new ground in World War II aviation history with this gripping account of one of the war’s most highly decorated American fighter groups.

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