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Texian Iliad: A Military History of the Texas Revolution by Stephen L. HardinIn this highly readable history, Stephen L. Hardin discovers more than a little truth in both of those views. Drawing on many original Texan and Mexican sources and on-site inspections of almost every battlefield, he offers the first complete military history of the Revolution. From the war’s opening in the “Come and Take It” incident at Gonzales to the capture of General Santa Anna at San Jacinto, Hardin clearly describes the strategy and tactics of each side. His research yields new knowledge of the actions of famous Texan and Mexican leaders, as well as fascinating descriptions of battle and camp life from the ordinary soldier’s point of view.This award-winning book belongs on the bookshelf of everyone interested in Texas or military history.

The Texas Model: Prosperity in the Lone Star State and Lessons for America by Chuck DeVoreThe Texas Model: Prosperity in the Lone Star State and Lessons for America is a project of the Texas Public Policy Foundation. The book compares Texas to its large state peers and details why Texas is increasingly the destination for Americans seeking a better life. The Texas Model describes a state with low taxes, modest government, and a lawsuit climate that allows entrepreneurship to flourish while encouraging job creation.

Free e-book
(pdf, 51 pages)
Prioritize, Stablize, and Incentivize: An economic plan for Texas in the 21st Century by state Rep. Raul Torres Free 51-page e-book, just click the link above to download.

Great historic Texas maps!

Halloween Law: A Spirited Look at the Law School Curriculum (Volume 1) by Victoria SuttonWritten for the layman as well as beginning law student, you’ll get a basic look at major parts of the law through the fun subject of Halloween.

The Council by R.L. CrumpA well crafted detective story with an underlying focus on justice in the world of domestic violence. The author’s experience in the legal system adds to the credibility of the story that plays out behind the Pine Curtain of East Texas. – Robert Pratt, Pratt on Texas

Our Fickle Constitution by Scott Ott“Scott Ott, American’s leading family-friendly Conservative satirist, brings you the Preamble to the Constitution as understood by our friends on the Progressive Left. He takes the Preamble phrase-by-phrase, explaining what it means, what it used to mean, and what it really, truly could mean in a land where dreams come true. This mini-book takes you inside the head of a left-wing Constitutional scholar, where there’s plenty of room to move around and rearrange things.”
– publisher

The Dependency Agenda (Encounter Broadsides) by Kevin D. Williamson“In this eye-opening Broadside, Kevin D. Williamson uncovers the hidden politics of the welfare state and documents the historical evidence that proves Lyndon B. Johnson’s “Great Society” was designed to do one thing: maximize the number of Americans dependent upon the government. The welfare state was never meant to eliminate privation; it was created to keep Democrats in power.” – publisher“This small, sit and read at one time, booklet will arm you with facts you instinctively know but didn’t have in print. Worth every penny and the hour or so it takes to read it.”
– Robert Pratt, Pratt on Texas

Worthless: The Indispensable Guide to Choosing the Right Major by Aaron Clarey“Worthless” delivers a blunt and real-world assessment about the economic realities and consequences of choosing various degrees with a necessary and tough fatherly love. Don’t lie to yourself. And certainly don’t waste four years of your youth and thousands of dollars in tuition on a worthless degree. Buy this book and understand why it is important you choose the right major. The book itself could be the wisest investment you ever make.” – from the publisher.

Slaughter at Goliad: The Mexican Massacre of 400 Texas Volunteers by Jay A. Stout“Stout has penned a well written book about an important but often overlooked part of the Texas Revolution. The Slaughter at Goliad is as important, or more so, as what happened at Alamo in explaining the type of characters who were leading revolution in Texas.The title is quite fair; it was a slaughter by the Mexican forces ordered by the shame of Mexico, Santa Anna. Even today, Mexican school textbooks teach the history of Santa Anna as largely an embarrassment and betrayal of the national history.” – Robert Pratt, Pratt on Texas

One Nation Under God: A Book for Little Patriots
by Amelia Hamilton “One Nation Under God’ through “Ten Amendments in the Bill of Rights,” this is the perfect book to teach little patriots about the basics of America. One Nation Under God: A Book for Little Patriots guides children through the building blocks of America in a fun and engaging way. Beautiful full-color illustrations by Anthony Resto.

by Eric C. Taylor
I’d be lying if I told you that I expected first-time author Eric Taylor’s book Mist to be more than a beginner’s effort. But, I took it on vacation and now I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you what a fantastic novel it is. Mist is an extraordinarily well constructed and told story that puts the reader in the front row of the awesome beauty of Wyoming and, in acquaintance with self-reliant American ranchers of the type that we have too few of.It’s a page-turner that required great discipline for me not to stay up all night reading – but I was sure to pick it back up first thing the next day! Congratulations to Levelland’s Eric Taylor, they’ve a fine author as native son.
– Robert Pratt, host of Pratt on Texas

Texas, New Mexico, and the Compromise of 1850: Boundary Dispute and Sectional Crisis
by Mark J. Stegmaier (Texas Tech Press)
Writing from the vantage point of the Texas–New Mexico boundary issue, Stegmaier provides definitive analysis of the dispute settled by the last great accord on sectional issues between North and South—the Compromise of 1850… Stegmaier recounts how, with the support of Southern radicals, Texas attempted to extend its jurisdiction despite opposition from New Mexicans and U.S. political leaders. Threatened by military occupation, New Mexicans countered by seeking free-state status, while Presidents Taylor and Fillmore committed U.S. forces to defend the territory against a Texas attack.

Bringing America Home: How America Lost Her Way and How We Can Find Our Way Back
by Tom Pauken
How did the Bush administration squander the political capital that Goldwater-Reagan conservatives took more than three decades to build? How did America go from having the strongest economy in the world to facing our most serious economic crisis since the Great Depression? What became of an American culture that once was guided by the principles of Christianity? Bringing America Home not only explains how we lost our way, but shows how our founding principles can help us find our way back.

Welcome to Free America
by Dr. David Barker
“Welcome to Free America” describes America in the year 2057, 26 years after government has collapsed. The book is written as a guide for new immigrants. “Free America” is not a paradise, but it is prosperous and free, and manages to function in the complete absence of government. Readers may differ over whether the society described is a utopia or a dystopia.

The Rock Hole: Red River Mystery
by Reavis Wortham“Not just scary but funny too, as Wortham nails time and place in a sure-handed, captivating way. There’s a lot of good stuff in this unpretentious gem. Don’t miss it.” —Kirkus Reviews“Solid characters and a vivid depiction of a vanishing period make this a series to watch.” —Publishers Weekly

Economic Facts and Fallacies: 2nd Edition
by Dr. Thomas Sowell
“There is no better basic, practical, easy-to-read book for informed citizens than Dr. Thomas Sowell’s Economic Facts and Fallacies. It will give you the tools to understand when you are being manipulated by the politicians, members of the media, and other campaigners for this or that.” – Robert Pratt

Lubbock (Postcard History)
by Russell Hill
Author Russell Hill has lived in the Lubbock area since 1970 and is a graduate of Texas Tech University. He is an avid collector of paper ephemera depicting the growth and development of Lubbock and Texas Tech. The images in this book offer the reader a rare glimpse into the history of the South Plains of Texas.

West Texas Tales
by Mike Cox
No West Texan should be without this easy to read, pick-up and put-down as time allows, compilation of well-known and little-known tales throughout West Texas. It makes a great gift. – Robert Pratt

A Very Simple Solution: Common Sense Applied by Richard L. Walton

Hey Buddy: In Pursuit of Buddy Holly, My New Buddy John, and My Lost Decade of Music
by Gary Moore
YouTube promo of the book“Hey Buddy is a page-turning pursuit of Buddy Holly’s legacy and his impact on others in and out of the music industry. It’s as American as apple pie and as compelling as Don McLean’s legendary hit about The Day the Music Died. Run, don’t walk, to your nearest bookstore and get two copies-one for you and another for anyone you know who listens to music.”- James Riordan, New York Times bestselling author of Break on Through: The Life and Death of Jim Morrison

Men Who Killed the Luftwaffe: The U.S. Army Air Forces Against Germany in World War II
by Jay A. Stout
Marine fighter pilot Jay Stout, author of Slaughter at Goliad: The Mexican Massacre of 400 Volunteers, tells the story of the men, including many Texans, who defeated the great German air forces of WWII.

Killed by Indians 1871
by Alan C. Huffines
“Billed as the true story behind the landmark John Ford Western The Searchers, the story, set in northwest Texas, is brutal in its historic honesty. It’s a great reminder, not only of our Texas history but, of how easy life is today. I strongly recommend the book to Texas history lovers and also to homeschoolers for middle-school age and up.”
– Robert Pratt, Pratt on Texas

The Texas Water War
by Jake Street

South African Safari with Nitro Safaris and National TravelProfessional Hunter and Outfitter Barry Vermeulen, who appeared with us on Pratt on Texas on 31 January 2011, has posted his video presentation on-line for your convenience.If you want to learn more about a hunt of a lifetime, contact experience safari-travel planner Judy McCoy at National Travel at 806-798-5999 or 800-6TRAVEL.

Hear Pratt’s interview with the author here. The Politically Incorrect Guide to Socialism
by Kevin D. Williamson
who is a Lubbock, Texas native currently serving as deputy managing editor for the prestigious National Review. “In this provocative book, Williamson unfolds the grim history of socialism, showing how the ideology has spawned crushing poverty, devastating famines, and horrific wars. Lumbering from one crisis to the next, leaving a trail of economic devastation and environmental catastrophe, socialism has wreaked more havoc, caused more deaths, and impoverished more people than any other ideology in history—especially when you include the victims of fascism, which Williamson notes is simply a variant of socialism.”

One Christmas in Old Tascosa
by Casandra Firman
Read more from Texas Tech University Press here.

The Next Hundred Million: America in 2050
by Joel Kotkin
“Kotkin’s study of demography and summary of where America is heading as a people is optimistic, grounded in reality, and far more accurate than the so-called futurists. Kotkin’s most recent book “The Next Hundred Million: America in 2050” should be studied by marketers, politicians and all who need a road map to the future.” – Robert Pratt

by Governor Rick Perry
“Rick Perry has hit the proverbial nail on the head in FED UP!, making a powerful case for a return to limited government and the restoration of the proper balance of power between Washington and the states. As Governor of Texas, he has seen firsthand the greatness of America and the prosperity we can enjoy when we empower people and get government out of the way. He explains in detail the historical, constitutional, and practical reasons why a government closest to the people protects liberty, and lays out the path to right the ship – citizen involvement and engagement to hold politicians accountable. No citizen should skip this book – your future depends on getting this right.” – Rush Limbaugh

I like it! – Pratt Founders’ Fables
by Laurie Cockerell
A unique and colorful conservative children’s book, “Founders’ Fables” helps families explain America’s most treasured values through the use of ten simple fables. These stories address the principles of the Founding Fathers and the concept of limited government through the use of funny and memorable characters. Each story, written in rhyme, begins with a quote from one of our founders and is followed by age-appropriate discussion questions and a short art activity to inspire the child to an even deeper understanding. Topics addressed within the stories include self-reliance, national debt, pork barrel spending, socialism, eminent domain, free speech and government intervention in business and private lives. This book can be understood and enjoyed by children ages 5 to 85! Or order direct:

Hulagu’s Web: The Presidential Pursuit Of Senator Katherine Laforge (Volume 1)
by David Hearne
Twists and turns keep this political thriller interesting, especially for those who enjoy a bit a Sci-Fi thrown in. – Pratt

A Plea For Justice: The Timothy Cole Story
by Fred B. McKinley
A PLEA FOR JUSTICE: The Timothy Cole Story describes how a 24-year-old black student and an army veteran became entangled in a web of deceit cast by an overly-aggressive Lubbock police investigation, unjustly arrested without any physical evidence to link him to the crime, falsely convicted, and then incarcerated for aggravated sexual assault on a fellow student whom he had never seen until the first day of his trial. Before he passed away while serving the thirteenth of a twenty-five year sentence, Tim Cole expressed a fervent desire to be vindicated, exonerated, and pardoned, and in an effort to honor his last wishes, a devoted mother and family, supported and represented by the Innocence Project of Texas, carried the fight to the state courts, to both houses of the state’s legislature, to the Board of Pardons and Paroles, and finally to the governor.

The US Constitution Coach Kit
Over 60,000 Works of American History
w/5000 Year Leap & Making of American
Direct from the publisher – includes combo offer of The Five Thousand Year LeapThe US Constitution Coach Kit is the premier searchable database of American history. Over 15 years in the making, the US Constitution Coach is the most comprehensive collection of works and documents in American history that has ever been compiled together into a searchable database. Using the award-winning Folio Views engine, this is the easiest-to-use, most powerful, fully-integrated, researchable electronic database ever developed on DVD-rom (runs on your computer’s DVD drive). This unmatched knowledge base of books, reference works, and documents is the premier tool for studying the Constitution, American History and our Founding Fathers.Bonus: Also includes the Ultimate Handheld US History Library with over 60,000 works for your mobile device.DVD-rom Compatible with: Windows XP/Vista, Amazon Kindle, PalmOS, Windows Mobile, Smartphone, Blackberry, SymbianOS, PocketPC, and more.

Five Thousand
Year Leap
The Five Thousand Year Leap
by W. Cleon Skousen
30 Year Anniversary Edition with Foreword by Glenn Beck
NEW in 2009! THE FIVE THOUSAND YEAR LEAP 30 Year Anniversary Edition with Glenn Beck’s Foreword! No other edition offers the revisions and updates of this remarkable book detailing how the Founding Fathers used 28 principles to create a 5000 year leap in freedom, prosperity, and progress; all based upon morality, faith, and ethics. THIS BONUS EDITION INCLUDES: Two landmark addresses by author, Dr. W. Cleon Skousen never before offered in print, along with the full text of US Constitution and Declaration of Independence.The Five Thousand Year Leap will take you by the hand as you discover the ideals of the Founding Fathers and their 28 principles for success. The values explored in detail by Dr. Skousen range from the Founder’s prerequisite that the Constitution was designed for a moral people, to a government empowered by the people with checks and balances, along with an understanding of the critical nature of fiscal responsibility and family values. This book sums up the secrets to what James Madison called a miracle.

Mortal Follies: Episcopalians and the Crisis of Mainline Christianity by William Murchison

Ann McDonald’s “Reclaiming the Beauty of the Battlefields” Hard cover ($75.62 tax incl.) and soft cover ($35.67 tax incl.) Photographer Ann McDonald’s websiteContact Ann by email here, or write to:
Pecan Press
PO Box 98382
Lubbock, TX 79499

American Rifle: A Biography by Alexander Rose
Amazon Best of the Month, October 2008.

Alexander Rose’s peculiar “biography” is not written for gun enthusiasts–though they’ll certainly enjoy it–but for anyone interested American history from George Washington to the Wild West to Iraq… Once you start, American Rifle will have to be pried from your cold, dead hands before you put it down. – Jon Foro at

Video of Rose on his book Washington’s Spies


One Ranger Returns by Joaquin JacksonHigh Ground native, and Smyer basketball player, Joaquin Jackson tells more stories of his noted service as a Texas Ranger.

Four Hundred Years Of Gun Control – Why Isn’t It Working? .
by Howard Nemerov
(read Howard’s columns here) “If you have any interest in the 2nd Amendment and the results of Gun Control, or the arguments put forth to justify each side, this book is a MUST HAVE for your library.” – Robert Pratt, Pratt on Texas

Gov. Rick Perry’s: On My Honor: Why the American
Values of the Boy Scouts Are Worth Fighting for

“Seven Ox Seven” by Peter Ritzer“This is not just another historical fiction book. It is an authentic and compelling look at the men and women who represented the best of Texas, and America, in facing life’s great challenges with more faith, determination, and bravery then most modern Americans can imagine. Ritzer spins a tale rooted in the True Texas few understand. His outsider, Roman Catholic, traditional Republican take on Texas history adds a new dimension I’ve wanted to read but have not found in other novels. Once you become friends with the novel’s characters, you’ll want to cheer for them, pray for them, hug them, help them, and know them as neighbors.” – Robert Pratt
The Almanac of Political Corruption, Scandals & Dirty Politics by Kim Long
The Human Face of God by David R. Cruz
Father Cruz serves in Lubbock, Texas
“This book is a little gem. Well written, with many examples and personal stories, it truly brings out the human face of God. At the same time it illustrates simply, but powerfully, how we are expected (and enabled!) to continue the mission of Christ here on earth.” Paul Berbier, s.s.s. Editor, Emmanuel Magazine
Wayworn Traveler by Kim TownsendA fine Lubbock-based singer-songwriter and listener to Pratt on Texas. I use several songs from this CD on the program including VIVA!
The Eagle & the Snake: Songs of the Texians by Brian Burns:…a love letter to the state of Texas.” – Amazon reviewer
A Different Point of Blue by D.G. Flewellyn“D.G. shows his incredible intellect and depth of emotion along with masterful musicianship in this CD. “Daddy Still Sings” is among the greatest honor-thy-father-and-mother songs ever penned and recorded. No exaggeration. It will have the toughest hombre in tears. Simply beautiful. D.G. has given us a window into the bittersweet memories of our parents from the honest and loving perspective possible.” – Robert Pratt
Artist or Group Notes
Dale Watson Main theme for hour 1 is “Way Down Texas Way” by Watson. I play many other songs from many CD’s such as: Texas Boogie; A Couple of Beers Ago; Longhorn Suburban; South of Round Rock, Texas; Tell ‘Em I Ain’t Here; In the Jail House Now; Fly Away; Cowboy Lloyd Cross; That’s what I like about Texas; Bright Lights & Blond Headed Women; Justice for All; Nashville Rash; Truck stop in La Grange; Truckin’ Man; Wine, wine, wine
Christmas time in Texas; Honky Tonk Christmas; Santa & My Semi; Santa Bring her Back
Asleep at the Wheel Main theme for hour 2 is “Way Down Texas Way”. I play many other songs from many CD’s such as: Boogie back to Texas; Across the Alley from the Alamo; Big Ball’s in Cowtown; Hubbin’ It; Don’t Ask Me Why I’m Going to Texas; Miles & Miles of Texas; Texas, Me & You; You’re from Texas Too
Aaron Watson Except for Jessie; Heyday Tonight; 3rd Gear; Lonely Lubbock Lights
Angela Strehli Two Bit Texas Town
Bad News Blues Band Texas
Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash Underneath the Texas Sun; Austin Nights
Billy Joe Shaver Old Chunk of Coal; Feliz Navidad; Merry Christmas to You
Bob Kirkpatrick Goin’ Back to Texas – to get my women in line
Brian Burns Alone on the Llano Estacado; Evangelina, I’ve Been Everywhere (in Texas); El Llano Estacado
Buddy Guy Early in the Morning
Butch Hancock Wind’s Domion; Like a Kiss on the Mouth; Dry Land Farm; West Texas Waltz
Cary Swinney Hero on the Square (Dan Blocker)
Charlie Daniels Texas; Sweetwater Texas
Charlie Robinson Flatland Boogie
Chris Rhea Texas
Chute Nine Mexican Dog – these guys are from Midland
Cooder Graw Born on the Llano Estacado
D. G. Flewellyn Livin’ the Weekend Life; Time; House of Doom; Daddy Still Sings
Danny Britt Rio Grande Roll On; Margarita
Davin James Ten Foot Pole; Washed in the Blood of the Lamb; I Thought She’d Think; Magnolia; Rollin’ the Dice
Del Castillo Este Amore; Maria
Delbert McClinton Right to be Wrong; Baby It’s Cold Outside
Don Edwards Way Out West in Texas
Don Walser Rolling Stone from Texas
Doug Sahm Texas Me
Ernest Tubb Waltz Across Texas
Fabulous Thunderbirds Tuff Enough, Amnesia
Flaco Jimenez The Girls from Texas
Floyd Dixon Hey Bartender; Ooh-Eee! Ooh-Eee!; Hole in the Wall
Freedy Johnston Give Me Coffee
Gary P. Nunn Never Came Back from Mexico; Red Neck Riveria; Takin’ Bob Back to Tulsa
Glenn Campbell Galveston
Grady Gaines & the Texas Upsetters Alligator Rock
Great Divide Lost In the Night (Friday Night)
Guy Clark Texas Cookin’; Tornado Time in Texas
Hank Penny Taxes, Taxes
Iguanas Mexican Candy; Zacatecas; Goodbye for Now
Jack Ingram Juanita; Any more good lovin’; Feel Like I’m Fallin’ in Love
Jay Boy Adams Are you votin’ for the Devil (Youtube video)
James McMurtrey I’m Not From Here; Talkin’ At The Texaco (HIgh School football theme used on the show)
Jesse Dayton Harris County Blues
Jimmy Burson & Texas in the Swing Swing Time in Texas; Lillie Dale; Left My Heart in San Antone. Burson is the former county judge of Briscoe County. I am not
Joe Ely Fingernails; All Just to Get to You; Cornbread Moon
John Prine Moon is Down; She’s My Everything; Bear Creek; Glory of True Love
Johnny Winter Hustled Down In Texas
Junior Brown Broke Down South of Dallas; Highway Patrol; Long Walk Back to San Antone; My Wife Thinks You’re Dead
Kevin Fowler Bring it On; Cheaper to Keep Her
Kim Townsend Texas Honky Tonk; VIVA (to Texas)
Kyle Hutton Boy Down Here in Texas
Leona Williams Don’t Sing Me No Songs About Texas
Little Texas God Blessed Texas
Los Lonely Boys Senorita; Texican Style; Outlaws; One More Day
Lyle Lovette Long Tall Texan; Green Means Stop; West Texas Highway; That’s Right You’re Not from Texas; Cute as a Bug
Mark Chessnut Blame it on Texas
Marshall Tucker Band Texas on My Mind; 24 Hours at a Time
Marty Robbins El Paso City; El Paso
Michelle Shocked Memories of East Texas; On the Greener Side; Too Little Too Late; Makin’ a Run to Gladewater
Pat Green I Like Texas
Pauline Reese Texas & Oklahoma; May the Lone Star Flag Forever Fly
Ray Wylie Hubbard Screw You, We’re from Texas
Robert Earl Keen Beat the Drum Slowly (Border Tragedy); Barbecue; Amarillo Highway; Daddy had a Buick
Robert Lucas Built for Comfort (not built for speed)
Robert Creager I Got the Guns; Things Look Good Around Here; Mothers a Redneck Too; Long Way to Mexico
Smokin’ Joe Kubek My Heart’s in Texas
Sonny Burgess When In Texas (do as the Texans do)
Suzy Bogguss Two Step ‘Round the Christmas Tree
Tanya Tucker Texas (When I Die)
Terry Allen The Collector (And The Art Mob); Lubbock Woman; Flatland Farmer
Texas Gypsies It Don’t Mean a Thing (if it ain’t got that swing)
Texas Playboys We’re the Texas Playboys; San Antonio Rose
Texas Red Life in Texas (is fun with a girl, beer & gun)
The Big Wu Texas Fireball
Todd Fritsch Corpus Christi Callin’
Tommy Alverson Cowboy Mardi Gras; Una Mas Cerveza,
Wayne Hancock Flatland Boogie; Back to Texas when I’m Through
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