Legislators may have created a disaster of their own, if we agree

Wildfire Threatens San Francisco’s Water; Thousands of homes in path; Ancient sequoias in danger; were just some of the headlines over the weekend and this week about wildfires burning in California. And these headlines remind me why I’m so disappointed in our Texas Republican legislative delegation.

Nature is powerful; God’s creation is more powerful than man and certainly more powerful than government central planners and bureaucrats. In short, we can’t well predict when man-made, much less natural, disasters will hit us.

Disasters can be anything from wild fires and hurricanes to housing market crashes and economic depression. Responsible people, especially when they have the resources so to do, plan to mitigate the effects of such but in Texas, we seem more interested in spending than in keeping a healthy amount of money in our state savings account.

Almost every member of the Legislature voted for a scheme which will severely cut the amount of money the state puts back for such contingencies. They voted instead to send much of the money that now goes into our Economic Stabilization Fund over to TxDOT to spend each year.

If voters approve of this irresponsible plan in a constitutional amendment vote in November of next year, then they’ll be as responsible as politicians for putting us in a position down the road where we won’t have the cash on-hand to deal with disasters which will come, when we least expect them.

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